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Have you heard of Zoo-phonics? It’s the latest craze in early childhood education and it teaches your child to read with a fun and engaging approach.

Letter Crafts

Zoo-phonics letter craft

This Zoo-phonics letter craft is a great way to introduce the letter “A” to your child. Not only will they learn what the letter looks and sounds like, but they’ll also have fun coloring and cutting out the animal.

Alphabet Fun

Zoo-phonics activity

This Zoo-phonics activity is perfect for teaching your child the alphabet. They get to match the animal to the letter, reinforcing their knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Reading Adventures

Zoo-phonics reading adventure

To make reading even more exciting, Zoo-phonics offers reading adventures that follow a storyline with animal characters. Your child will not only improve their reading skills, but also their imagination and creativity.

So why not try Zoo-phonics with your child and see how much fun learning can be?

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