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Learning phonics can be an exciting and fun experience. As an educator, I have found a few Phonics YouTube channels that I absolutely love and have been a hit with my students as well. Allow me to share these channels with you.

Lucky Little Learners

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Lucky Little Learners is a fantastic Phonics YouTube channel that your kids will love. This channel offers a wide range of videos that not only help them learn Phonics but also concentrate on reading, writing and spelling amongst others. Utilizing interactive teaching methods, Lucky Little Learners has made a name for itself in providing some of the best content and resources for early education.

Miss Molly

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Miss Molly is another great YouTube channel that provides children with several Phonics videos. These videos help in learning letter sounds, digraphs, blends, sight words and more. The channel also has a variety of segments available, so there is always something for every child, which ensures the children do not get bored easily.

The Learning Station

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The Learning Station consists of an impressive collection of songs that help teach Phonics to young learners. The music is catchy and well-produced, making it easy for children to practice the words and letter sounds. The Learning Station helps create a fun and engaging learning experience while providing the foundational skills needed for young children to become proficient in Phonics.

Super Simple Songs

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Super Simple Songs is a well-known YouTube channel that provides educational content for kids. The channel has a range of Phonics videos that help teach children letter sounds and pronunciation. With animation and catchy tunes, children of all ages find the videos engaging and memorable. Super Simple Songs is a great way to enhance children’s phonological awareness and helps create a strong foundation for reading, writing, and spelling.

In conclusion, Phonics YouTube channels have proven successful in helping young children develop phonological awareness, which is crucial for reading and writing. These channels not only help children learn but also make the process fun and engaging. Lucky Little Learners, Miss Molly, The Learning Station and Super Simple Songs are some of my top picks for Phonics YouTube channels, and I highly recommend them.

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