How To Teach Phonics To Ell Students

With systemic phonics instruction teachers use specific lessons in a prescribed order ensuring lessons build on each other and work together. With both strategies you need to have strong activities that engage your students.

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Phonics instruction is a cricital component of literacy instruction for older ells who are learning to read in english.

How to teach phonics to ell students. Teaching phonics in esl is a step by step process that essentially familiarizes students with the sounds needed to produce english in order to develop their reading and writing skills. 7 ways to effectively teach phonics to ells tweet you are likely to have many children in your class who not only can speak one language but are learning a second or even a third language. Teachers who use incidental instruction teach intervention strategies as they arise and are needed.

Mastery of the alphabet and sounds of the letters are prerequisites before a student is able to learn the english language using phonics he should already have been able to master the english alphabetas well as the different sounds that come with each letter. Some pointers to be considered when teaching phonics for english language learners are given below. Learn how to choose activities that are both age appropriate and fun by tying instruction to the academic content that middle and high school students need to master.

While teaching 9th grade esl reading instruction one of my students read aloud from our text about lewis and clark. Here is an example of this concept from my experiences as a teacher. You must constantly label and point out the letter patterns in words and help your students recognize and remember them.

With phonological awareness linked to all the other essential skills of reading ell s can learn to master reading. If you teach phonics it will become a part of not only every day s material but each lesson itself. Teaching phonics requires a lot of work on the teacher s part.

Rather than teaching the 26 letters of the alphabet students learn the correct pronunciation of over 40 phonemes of the english language.

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