How Should You Teach Phonics

You learn in small incremental steps and it is the same when you are teaching reading. When you hold up a card ask them to name the letter and tell you the sound that it makes.

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The ebook sold on this website is an out of the box phonic course.

How should you teach phonics. Keep it simple and stick to the facts. To teach phonics to a child begin by using flashcards so they can practice identifying letter sounds. Once your child can identify each letter correctly.

Young children love learning to do grown up things like reading and if you show how excited and impressed you are that children can now blend p i n then they will be excited and impressed with themselves too. That s where the engagement comes in with the success. How to teach phonics needs a clear understanding of the relationship between sound and speech.

However if i may jump back to mathematics sorry this site really is about reading there can sometimes be hazy areas about what to teach and when. There is an unspoken order in teaching phonics just as there is an unspoken order in how to teach mathematics. The key thing is not to let your child get stressed or upset keep reading and phonic sessions short and fun and don t forget to praise them for having a go as well as when they get things right.

Teaching phonics is as tedious as you want it to be. Read it verify your understanding then teach phonics clearly and precisely. It s a good idea to talk to their teacher to find out if there s a particular way you could support your child and give them practice with the aspect of phonics they re finding difficult.

But whether you are floppy fans or find joy in jolly or elsewhere the guardian teacher network has some excellent resources to complement phonics work in school and at home and help your pupils.

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