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The words turtle bird and mermaid all use the same initial vowel sound but are spelled with different letters making these words difficult to spell. If you like the ir ur er phonics activities you may want to check out our 10 other.

11 Hands On Activities For Teaching Ir Er Ur Phonics Rules

This phonics bundle contains 11 hands on activities for teaching.

Er ir ur words phonics. Her first nurse works early the main thing is to pronounce the ur sound which in english is the same as the ir and er sound er. This is a fun vowel digraphs ur ir er phonics song for learners of english. Never fear for this ir ur er words worksheet is here to the rescue to help your child learn these to read and spell using these difficult to differentiate digraphs.

Spelling the sound er. Spellzone can be used to teach english spelling in schools colleges language schools and by individual students. Ending sounds er games initial sounds ir reading ur.

Ur ir ear or er. If you review all of the er s together it s fun for the kids to say er ir ur ear. All the activities fit so nicely in this sterilite container.

Print these pdf phonics ir er ur worksheets with ur words for kids to practice writing ur sound and er phonics three times. Great for small group instruction or for literacy centers. Alphabet 60 alternative spellings 13 blends 15 digraphs 2 ending sounds 10 games 99 initial sounds 27 links 9 magic e 37 phonemic awareness 4 reading 129 rhyme 7 rules.

When teaching a phonics skill it s often helpful to use a key word and picture to help the students remember the sound to the letter combinations. Ir er ur word list the ir er ur big phonics bundle contains 11 interactive activities for learning and practicing this phonics skill. Learning phonics make a word er ir ur etiquetas.

Learn the sound made by er ir and ur. When these vowels are followed by the letter r it changes their sound. How to pronounce the er ir ur digraph sounds learn words that have the er ir ur sounds er.

When these vowels are followed by the letter r it changes their sound. Entrada más reciente entrada antigua página principal. This course teaches english spelling rules with interactive exercises and spelling tests helping learners with problems such as dyslexia to improve their english spelling and helping others to learn english as a foreign language.

Ir ur have the same sound songs videos games and activities that are suitable for kindergarten kids. What can you find in this blog. A colorful animated music video to learn how to pronounce the vowel digraphs.

For the ir er ur phonics bundle my fabulous artist created bird themed borders and game boards and they turned out absolutely adorable.

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