Does Phonological Awareness Include Phonics

While phonological awareness includes the awareness of speech sounds syllables and rhymes phonics is the mapping of speech sounds phonemes to letters or letter patterns i e. Phonemic awareness and phonics are two of these components.

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Our little hedgehog demonstrating phonemic awareness.

Does phonological awareness include phonics. Phonological awareness is an important and reliable predictor of later reading ability and has therefore been the focus of much research. And we also touch on phonological awareness and phonemic awareness too. The terms are not interchangeable.

Phonological awareness is an individual s awareness of the phonological structure or sound structure of words. During this session there seemed to be quite a bit of confusion over the terms of phonological awareness phonemic awareness and phonics and knowing the difference between those terms. So let me see if i can help provide clarification.

I don t do a lot of phonics so if you ever have a teacher or principal ask you a question about what you do tell them that you build your students oral language skills so that all of their phonological awareness phoneme awareness and phonics skills have a place to put down roots and grow. Phonics instruction typically starts with letters first and children are taught the sounds that those letters stand for or make. Phonological awareness is the awareness of sounds only.

In some languages learning phonics is easy because each phoneme has just one grapheme to represent it. It is not the same thing as phonological awareness. In phonics instruction children are taught grapheme phoneme correspondences gpcs so that knowledge of sounds of the spoken word can be transferred to the written word in reading and writing.

Phonological awareness and phonics are therefore not the same but these literacy focuses tend to overlap. It is void of print.

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