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Whereas synthetic phonics is more skills based analytical phonics is more contextual and thus the debate rages on. This makes these two approaches systematic and thus more appropriate as the primary vehicle for literacy instruction.

Benefits Of Hooked On Phonics Learn To Read System By Alex David

Ch ur ch and in dough 5 letters but 2 phonemes d ough.

Analytic phonics benefits. The benefits of phonics as a parent you want your child to do well in school and in life and you know that being a good reader is a crucial part of this success. Analytic phonics begins with building up phonemic awareness. Children are taught to analyze letter sound relationships and look to decode words based upon spelling and letter patterns and their sounds.

We can see that each has it s own merit. A child is exposed to the different sound patterns and how to manipulate them through games and exercises. This method of teaching phonics is the most widely used in the usa today.

There are undoubtedly many benefits to teaching reading using the phonic principle. As letter patterns are introduced the child begins to negotiate how graphemes in english may have more than one phoneme and vice versa for example the letter a can be pronounced many ways and the sound oo can be. This method of synthetic phonics relies on words being broken up into the smallest units of sound phonemes.

So for example in the word church there are 6 letters but only 3 phonemes. But you may or may not know that the department for education recognises phonics as a key element in helping children to become successful readers. The first programme for teaching phonics using the analytic phonics method was devised in 1783 by noah webster.

The analytic phonics method teaches children the phonic relationships among words. You are teaching phonics but did you know that not all phonics was created equal. Synthetic and analytical approaches are both more skills orientated.

English speaking government inquiries all concluded that your phonics teaching should be explicit and systematic known as synthetic phonics approach. Synthetic vs analytic phonics. It became the best selling reading programme for nearly 100 years.

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