Phonics High Frequency Words List

This list contains the first 100 common words which children encounter in their reading. Work with one list at a time.

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However some words crop up so much in everyday reading that they are encouraged to sight read some of these words to increase fluency in reading.

Phonics high frequency words list. Sight words and high frequency words high frequency words are those used with the most frequency in text being read. The primary reason frequencies vary by list is the. Many teachers issue spelling lists each week only to find that a week or two down the road the children have already forgotten them.

For example and the as or it are all sight words for year 1 students. 300 high frequency word phonic chart. High frequency word chart uk edition.

Many schools in the united states recognize the dolch high frequency word lists as a vital step in creating a good reader. Posted on 21st march 2018 in high frequency words learning to read. First 100 high frequency word list precursive style.

In order to make full use of this chart it is best reproduced using a colour printer. However dolch word lists are often presented as sight words words to be taught with memorization without regard to the number of syllables or phonic content. The first 25 50 words in frequency are virtually the same no matter what text is being considered.

Using patterns and parts for example using phonograms letter clusters and affi xes are more powerful strategies. Print out and use as a reference for reading and spelling activities. This chart contains 300 high frequency words sorted phonically as simple complex spellings.

Your phonics and word solving program around memorizing words. Basically they are words which occur very frequently in written material but have very little meaning on their own. These are known as high frequency words or hfw.

A an as at if in is it of off on can dad had back and get big him his not got up mum but the to i no go into phase 3. Your child will also be taught tricky words. Click the image on the left to download the list.

They are ones that are difficult if not possible to sound out. As a result words like yellow where said make three and little are among the very first sight words taught. How to use it administer this test individually.

High frequency words checklist bold tricky words phase 2. Do your children forget spellings from one week to the next. What are high frequency words or sight words.

All one hundred words are included on a single page of a4. As are again find just and keep these words contribute a lot to the meaning of a sentence even if they mean little on their own. Will that this then them with see for now down look too he she we me be was you they all are my her phase 4.

Tricky words are also words that pop up frequently in our everyday reading but are ones that usually do not follow the phonetic patterns taught. At phonic books we believe read more how to teach high frequency words. Begin with the 45 easier high frequency words included on lists 1 2 and 3.

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