Esl Phonics Tongue Twisters

The account for stickyball esl needs to be reconnected. While tongue twisters in general are excellent for pronunciation you can use specific ones to work on specific weaknesses.

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Phonics tongue twisters.

Esl phonics tongue twisters. 28 tough tongue twisters for specific tricky sounds. Download lesson as pdf. Use the tongue twisters below for practicing the short i long i and long e vowel sounds.

Due to instagram platform changes on march 31. Phonics tongue twisters using the short e sound use the tongue twisters below for practicing the short e vowel sound. Short e word list and sentences.

There are mp3 worksheets flashcards charts powerpoint presentations and more to make the teaching of pronunciation very easy tongue twisters with mp3 audio and a bbc audio chart puts in your hand the most comprehensive pronunciation course. This course package offers a number of resources. Esl phonetics pack download.

Download lesson as pdf. If your students tend to have problems with consonant blends for example you ll want to use twists that encourage the correct pronunciation of those. Teach english phonetic pronunciation using ipa.

Long u reading practice comments are closed.

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