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Free handy sheet describing all the jolly phonics actions. Use these action cards to practice the 42 letter sounds in the jolly phonics program.

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Elenitacab 3 months ago report.

Jolly phonics action cards pdf. Jojofin 9 months ago report. These are fantastic although k is missing. Jolly phonics offers the option of two typefaces precursive preferred in the uk and print preferred in north america.

Jolly phonics a6 size. There was a problem previewing jollyphonicsactioncards pdf. Gw17rileyjodi 8 months ago report.

Wiggle fingers above elbow as if ants are crawling on you and say a a a t children imitate watching tennis moving heads side to side saying t t t i children pretend to be mice by wiggling fingers on the end of. Each mat shows the victorian cursive letter formation and the associated jolly phonics action picture there are two versions black and white coloured to match the colo. The jolly phonics dvd my first letter sounds jolly stories and finger phonics books show the correct formation of each letter.

Nqt2006 6 months ago report. Files included 1 jolly phonic flash cards colour. Ng imagine you are a weightlifter and pretend to lift a heavy weight above your head saying ng.

With two print options these desk mats are designed to be used in support of jolly phonics for beginning readers and writers. Jolly phonic flash cards colour. Thank you for this resource d k is missing love the actions are included d.

Colette plaska 3 months ago report. Set 1 s weave hand like a snake making s shapes while saying ssssss a short a. W blow on to open hand as if you are the wind and say wh wh wh.

V v pretend to be holding the steering wheel of a van and say vvvvvvv. Handy sheets describing all the jolly phonics actions. Selection file type icon file name description size revision time user.

Jolly phonic flash cards that i created to use with my phonic group. A good guide is to remember that no letter starts on the baseline. Z zzzput arms out at sides and pretend to be a bee saying zzzz zzz.

2 per page in color can be used with whole class phonics.

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