English Phonics For Japanese Students

Teaching phonics in a japanese jr. Phonics is helpful for students who are just learning the english alphabet.

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Firstly the use of the japanese phonic alphabet for foreign words katakana is so far from the mark of spoken english.

English phonics for japanese students. This is because japanese students of english tend to rely on the katakana pronunciation of english words. The katakana pronunciation can make it hard for certain words to be understood by a native english speaker but the reverse problem occurs too. English pronunciation in japan is generally at quite a low level.

I m 100 for this obviously and want to run with this as far as i can. The japanese language has fewer sounds phonics than the english language. The teacher explanation along with.

Phonics is probably one of the biggest reasons why japanese can t produce and recognise spoken english. Students whose first language does not use the same alphabet as english does japanese chinese korean arabic hebrew etc have an extra challenge as they learn english. Here are some of the most difficult sounds for japanese english learners and how you as a teacher can help them sound like a native.

They are learning a new alphabet and the sound that are associated with it. Pebbles present phonics course level 1. This game challenges students to listen for the difference in words that sound very similar.

My english teachers at the school i teach at have decided to try to incorporate more phonics into our lessons. The phonics course is specially designed for kids to help them learn easily. After each sound or phonic structure you.

Learn phonics for kids alphabet sounds. Secoundly the whole idea of using phonics to teach spoken english as a foreign language is completely flawed. Learn important english phonic and sound structures and patterns for speaking english.

During english as a second language lessons with japanese students pronunciation is always one of their biggest hurdles. This is a long playing video 26 minutes long made of 7 videos. So while some of the sounds are the same there are a few that are new and a few that are hard for the japanese ear to pick up.

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