Jolly Phonics Printable Action Cards

Hope that people find them useful. 39 calling cards containing 42 lette.

Jolly Phonics Action Picture And Sound Symbol Concentration Game

W blow on to open hand as if you are the wind and say wh wh wh.

Jolly phonics printable action cards. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category jolly phonics. Handy sheets describing all the jolly phonics actions. Jolly phonic cards that can be used individually or made into a frieze.

Home resource bank for teachers and parents jolly phonics actions jolly phonics actions handy sheets showing all the 42 letter sounds and their associated actions. 20 bingo game boards with varying letter sounds 30 total sounds per board for larger classes print two of each. Z zzzput arms out at sides and pretend to be a bee saying zzzz zzz.

Letter sound s the s sound is the first sound to be introduced in group 1 s a t i p n. Flashcards to help learn the phonics sounds with pictures of the jolly phonics actions to aid memory recall. V v pretend to be holding the steering wheel of a van and say vvvvvvv.

Jolly phonics phase 1 jolly phonics songs jolly phonics activities teaching phonics phonics flashcards phonics cards phonics books phonics lessons phonics programs jolly phonics. Use these action cards to practice the 42 letter sounds in the jolly phonics program. Some of the worksheets displayed are no slide title jolly phonics phonics consonant blends and h digraphs jolly phonics workbooks 1 7 ebook jolly phonics resources 2017 pics actions phonics.

Selection file type icon file name description size revision time user. Files included 1 jolly action flash. Download these free printable alphabet puzzles in uppercase and lowercase to help your little learners.

Ng imagine you are a weightlifter and pretend to lift a heavy weight above your head saying ng. Download save for later. Kids can have fun working on letter recognition and letter sounds with these free printable alphabet puzzles for upper and lowercase letters.

This version of phonics bingo can be used to support jolly phonics teaching. What others are saying. Jolly phonics action cards.

Once you find your worksheet click on pop out icon or print icon to worksheet to print. The download is the nsw foundational print version and includes.

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