Highland Literacy Project Phonics

To support the development of phonological awareness please use the phonological awareness screen to assess learners. In addition to the sharing box you can access the original hlp booklets by clicking the image above.

Neuhaus Letter Introduction And Activity Connections Lettering

From this you will have information on the areas which children need to develop.

Highland literacy project phonics. A curriculum for excellence. May 2013 emerging literacy group updated. Outcomes and experiences from a curriculum for excellence.

Wraparound reading please revisit emerging literacy where to begin over the years there have been many changes in the focus and pedagogy of reading. Levels organisers sub divisions early first reading. There are five pillars of literacy phonemic awareness phonics fluency vocabulary and comprehension.

Click here for a phonics resource which supports the use of media when teaching phonics click here for guidelines on phonics and spellings. The strategies suggested in this booklet support the following. To support children s literacy and english development in highland the highland next generation literacy resources have been developed to support learning and teaching across three progressive stages as part of a learner s broad general education.

At this stage handwriting should be considered as a separate subject and should therefore not be taught alongside phonics which are being introduced in a more phonetically pleasing order. Fraser june 09 e. Wraparound phonics page 7 phonic progression for spelling and reading stage one letters and sounds phase 1 resources build up phonological awareness see highland council phonological awareness stage two stage two introduces 19 letters of the alphabet and one sound for each blending sounds.

Click here to access a document that captures the emerging literacy support materials on one page. There are nine interlinked parts of the literacy language and communication jigsaw that practitioners and schools should consider when planning. When beginning to take a developmental approach to emerging literacy in primary 1 where do you begin.

As you are aware we are currently refreshing the highland literacy project materials and publishing them on the blog once they are completed. These will continue to be made available until the document refresh has been completed. We have links to classroom based activities for each of the areas of the phonological awareness continuum.

Click here to access the overview of emerging literacy in primary. Click here for the phonological awareness continuum. All contribute to reading comprehension.

September 2016 phonics guidelines curriculum for excellence. This includes phonic patterns and common word lists click here for resources which can be used to support the phonic game speedy sounds click here for the background methodology and ideas for teaching phonics click. The succinct guidance and hyperlinks aim to support practitioners to access the resources.

Phonics l sim.

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