How To Teach Silent Letters Phonics

Worksheets games flashcards powerpoints and other resources to support teaching and learning about silent letters. Silent letters resources for teaching and learning in the classroom or at home.

February Fun Filled Learning Phonics Activities First Grade

Dozens of popular phonics programs teach this and it is one of the most common reading and spelling rules taught to beginning learners.

How to teach silent letters phonics. After learning to spell a word to consolidate or check this spelling try removing one letter from the word and ask your child to find out which one is missing. Magnetic letters are not horizontally reversible which makes them a great tool for teaching dyslexic learners who may confuse letters for their reversed counterparts e g. Silent letters can be tricky to grasp for young students.

Download all our silent letters resources for teachers parents and kids. The truth about silent e. D b p q.

Take a tour now. This would be a good rule if it were the whole truth. One way of introducing them to students is to show that those letters aren t always silent.

The letter c is silent when used before the letter z and sometimes when used before the letter l and the letter k. Silent letter worksheets and resources. Jamb lamb comb tomb.

They can be heard in similar words. The letter b is usually silent when used after the letter m and also before the letter t. How to teach silent letters.

A ppt presentation designed to guide pupils through silent letters in words at the beginning and at the end of a word. For example the b may be silent in debt but it s heard in debit. Silent letter words 11 free printable posters which focus on words with silent letters.

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Be a better teacher. Let s take a look at some rules for silent letters. Teach kids with an engaging blended english program.

Here the literacy blog discuss their thoughts on the subject. In each example silent e changes the short vowel into a long vowel in other words the vowel says its name. A question which comes up time and time again.

Focus on tricky spellings with these charts using examples.

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