Why You Shouldn T Use Phonics To Read

But let me ask you to think a bit more deeply about phonics. Children at the end of year 1 will be asked to read 20 words and 20 made up words.

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I haven t expected.

Why you shouldn t use phonics to read. Not only will we explore the different phonics methods we will also share with you what we feel is the most effective. Writing this as a teacher and the founder of a company that positively promotes phonics i can see both sides of the fence. When we emphasize memorization we attempt to teach children to read by repeatedly exposing them to as many words as possible.

After all the ability to read has truly become a necessity to survive and thrive in society today. Although it is important to go over the many rules of reading it is equally important to go over words that break the rules during authentic reading time. Skilled fluent readers do not guess.

It has been proven that using phonics for kids is the best way for a child to learn to read. Why is phonics so important in teaching your child to read. For many of you the title of this blog entry may sound a bit nonsensical why teach something and then not use it.

Mastering the skill that matters. My guess is that more than 99 9 of the. Phonics can be the building blocks of early reading but if this doesn t work it s never too late to approach early reading in a different way.

One controversial aspect of a phonics based approach is the use of fabricate words to test children. Every parent wants their child to learn how to read efficiently and so does the teacher when it comes to their students. So we have a choice when it comes to teaching reading.

Our entire site is dedicated to phonics and learning to read and as you browse our page and articles it is our hope that we will have presented a rock solid case for the use of phonics as the primary method of learning to read such that you are convinced of its merits. If you are reading this you are likely a proficient reader. When reading how often do you have to stop and analyze or sound out individual words.

When phonics doesn t work the fact is that phonics doesn t work for everyone. It is estimated that there are at least a half million words in the english language. Once we have learned what the letters are telling us in a word we can store it in our memory and retrieve it more quickly than if we had to work it out.

Emphasize memorization or teach phonics. I shouldn t have worried about his lack of phonics skills. Having kids that question these rules is fantastic as this truly does demonstrate that a rule is understood and starting to be transferred into.

What to do when phonics doesn t work. Seeing words becomes the means by which they learn the. We cannot read fluently until we read accurately and this depends on accurate use of the information conveyed letters.

As you can see only teaching phonics and phonetic rules is not enough to develop a reader. I have shared my story a few times with other homeschooling moms who say phonics doesn t work. His basic phonics knowledge great exposure to literature through audio books and read alouds and his excellent use of context has enabled him to read new words on his own.

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