Phonics Objectives For Kindergarten

This lesson plan uses music rhythm and play activities to encourage students to identify the beginning letter in words that they hear. Student s will work together cooperatively in small groups with flash cards identifying each letter as well as distinguishing between upper case letters and lower case letters.

The Student Will Blend Sounds Of Letters To Make Words Reading

The auditory discrimination that students develop in preschool years or kindergarten prepares them for decoding and spelling words through phonics.

Phonics objectives for kindergarten. When teaching phonics focus on the sounds that each letter makes instead of the name of the letter. Given a spoken sentence the student can segment it into separate words sentence word word word. While some letter names automatically translate into the sound the letter makes such as b says b others are more confusing such as c says k.

Students will practice their fluency reading. The purpose of the assessment plan is to assess student s recognition of letters upper and lower case letters as well as sounds associated with letters. Given four sets of phonograms depicting the o the pupil will visually discriminate the letters o consonant e pattern in the lists of words by underlining the letters which are the same in all the words.

A model lesson plan for teaching phonics completed lesson. Given a list of words containing vowel sounds and four sets of phonograms depicting the o the pupil will auditorily discriminate o in the initial and medial positions of paired words by saying a key word and telling whether the beginning and medial sounds in the words sound the same or different for four out of four sets.

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