A useful poster for explaining some of the different rules for plurals. Cried cries die died dies dried dries fie flies fried fries lie pie plied plies shied skies spied spies tie tied ties tried tries vie applied belie.

Irregular Plural Nouns Ves And Ies Endings Includes Bingo Game

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Ies words phonics. Little learners 20 873 views. Learn about the words. Introduces the words with ie in them poster on the website.

Ball balls cat cats. 0 99 or free on plus 1 page pdf grades. Learning the building blocks of words sounds their spellings and word parts menu skip to content.

Students guess the word and spell it to their partner. Model giving clues for the students to guess e g. Words formed from any letters in ies plus an optional blank or existing letter.

Ice words ies words free printable word lists for spelling pattern practice awareness decoding auditory discrimination or phonics revision ion. Try to do a new search. A person who steals in a soldiers once used these in battle.

List all words starting with ies words containing ies or words ending with ies. Long vowel sound i i e split digraph magic e by phab fonics duration. It includes a challenge section to enable pupils to apply the rule to other words and also includes guidance for parents.

Ear words phase 3 phonics trigraph duration. Or add to google calendar. List all words that start with q adjectives that start with q or find all 5.

This look say cover write check practice sheet to send home in year 2 will support learning about the spelling rule applied to words ending in y when es is added. List all words ending with ies sorted by length or by how common the words are. Ies plurals using look say cover write check spelling games spelling tests and printable activities.

For most nouns simply add s. For most nouns that end in a vowel y or o add s. Ie as in pie.

Didn t find the word you re looking for. Rules for plurals s es ies ves. In pairs the students create clues for their partner to guess.

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