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An estimated 65 of the human population are visual learners. If you are brand new to the baby steps here is a quick overview.

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This month being a new year i thought i would share with you a couple of colouring pages to keep you on track to meeting your saving goals or debt free goals.

Debt free coloring pages. We may not have the same taste in music or food wear the same types of clothes or even live in the same country but if you clicked to the point of being at this very spot this very post then i know you don t like debt. For debt coloring pages. If you have a lot of debt it can be difficult to stay motivated to pay it off over a long period.

Free printable debt payoff coloring page. Goal tracking printable goal tracker debt payoff tracker savings tracker debt payoff printable free printable debt free. Pdf file for the debt free coloring page.

Money published may 17 2019. Resource of the month. Keep this visual in front of you to keep you motivated.

This indicates you paid off the debt. I love using visual tools like colouring sheets and mood boards to help me stay inspired and on track. This debt free coloring page is perfect to track your overall debt payoff progress.

This means that. You and i are a lot a like. Jul 16 2017 debt payoff coloring pages by prettiful designs.

Stay motivated paying off debt and reaching savings goals using debt free coloring charts. All charts are delivered automatically in pdf format for you to print yourself if you only select free charts. Free downloadable debt free charts to help you karate chop debt payments faster.

For instance if you are working towards paying off a debt the top line of the page should be a 0 00 balance. Debt free coloring charts. To color in and keep you motivated.

Inspiring and fun printable charts to help you stay motivated get out of debt and knock out your financial goals. Just saw these featured in a fincon newsletter and they are brilliant. The dfm debt free charts are downloadable printable debt free charts that you can pin to your fridge tape to your bathroom mirror or tack to your office board for a constant reminder to pay off debt.

You can do this. The total amount you owe should be on the bottom line of the coloring sheet. Every time you make a payment towards debt simply color in a.

When setting goals i continue reading debt free colouring sheets. How do i know and how are we similar. This is where you will start.

Jul 16 2017 debt payoff coloring pages by prettiful designs. Debt payoff coloring pages by prettiful designs. For the beginning of your journey baby steps 0 1 2 saving up your starter emergency fund and paying off your debt except the house.

If you need a reminder of how these coloring sheets work check out the tutorial here. Monthly budget sheet monthly budget planner budget sheets planner ideas planner organization organizing dave ramsey erin condren life planner happy planner. Savings goals are also difficult to hit unless you re seeing the progress.

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