D Jolly Phonics Action

Z zzzput arms out at sides and pretend to be a bee saying zzzz zzz. In this video i show you the sound and actions in alphabetical order.

Jolly Letter B Phonics Song Phonics Posters

Packed with lots of practice this video is a great resource to help kids learn to read quickly.

D jolly phonics action. Wiggle fingers above elbow as if ants crawling on you and say a a a. Pretend to be a puppy holding a piece of rag shaking head from side to side and say rrrrrr. Hold hand in front of mouth panting as if you are shaking out of breath and say h h h r.

Jolly songs in british english licensed to youtube by tunecore on behalf of jolly learning ltd. All jolly phonics songs in alphabetic order inc qu plus digraphs ch th sh ai ee or oi. Kids make music in this video with the letter d sound.

Chuchu tv nursery rhymes kids. See this video in the jolly phonics order. I demonstrate the first 26 letter sounds and actions in the jolly phonics scheme.

V v pretend to be holding the steering wheel of a van and say vvvvvvv. Cmrra tunecore publishing bmi broadcast music inc and 5 music rights societies. Raise hands and snap fingers as if playing castanets and say ck ck ck.

Nursery rhymes songs for babies by chuchu tv s1 e1 phonics song with two words a for apple abc alphabet songs with sounds for children duration. Handy sheets describing all the jolly phonics actions. Weave hand in an s shape like a snake and say ssssss.

Ng imagine you are a weightlifter and pretend to lift a heavy weight above your head saying ng. The jolly phonics fun action is included. Actions for letters and sounds based on jolly phonics.

Actions for letters and sounds based on jolly phonics author. W blow on to open hand as if you are the wind and say wh wh wh. Pretend to tap an egg on the side of a pan and crack it into the pan saying eh eh eh.

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