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The ai and ay sounds are relatively common in both small words like sail and bigger words like maintain without ai and ay phonics kids will have a gap in their knowledge. Ron was stuck on low level kindergarten books because he never learned long vowel sounds.

Words With Ai Phonics Poster English Phonics Phonics Posters

Usually kids learn ai words phonics after they ve learned short vowels constant digraphs silent e and ee and ea phonics sounds.

Ai words list phonics. Use your favorite phonics program for rules syllabication. In the air story is for learning ai words phonics. If a student is missing ai words and other long vowel units he ll get stuck.

Help the wizards to make ai words and sentences in this fun phase 3 phonics guide from bbc bitesize. Ai words have the long vowel a sound. Printable ai words phonics worksheets.

English words do not use ai at the end of a word. Develop your student s decoding skills thoroughly. The ai words phonics story in the air is about the flight experience of the pilot gail.

These will make your life easier. The book in this post is at the first grade reading level. That way they don t fall into the habit of looking at the first letter and.

Ron also read phonics books with these units including the free printable ai. 100s to choose from. Learn and practise the ai sound.

After silent final e making an a say a ai is the most common long a sound phonogram or digraph vowel pair two letters. Ai word list free printable use these word lists for phonics practice phonics revision. If they re missing a common phonics unit they may revert to guessing.

If we say a at the end of an english word we usually do not use ai but ay. Once i learned that he was missing ai words and ay words i focused on these units in instruction.

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