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This was created with preschool pre k and kindergarten kids in mind. In this north american animal tracks worksheet students hone their observation skills by matching tracks to animals.

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The best place to find animal tracks are on soft muddy areas or shortly after a fresh rain.

Printable animal tracks worksheet. Some of the worksheets displayed are animal tracks wildlife tracks middle creek wildlife management area introduction to animal tracks lesson plan common animal tracks environmental education you have scheduled the field guide to illinois mammal tracks kendall annetti bear bird texas tracks. To practice strawberry s measuring skills i made a simple animal tracks measuring activity to help us better understand the sizes of the animals tracks we learned about before. This is an especially fun activity for kids because not only are they on a great treasure hunt for animal footprints but they are also outdoors in nature.

Black bear beaver dog coyote elk opossum grey squirrel bobcat chipmunk black tailed deer mouse porcupine raccoon striped skunk grey wolf duck. Did you know that raccoons walk on five toes. Here is a printable animal tracks book and set of matching cards that will be perfect in your science center during a forest animals theme in the fall.

These printable free printable animal tracks flashcards will be a great reference when searching for animal prints on the trail. Kids identify the tracks of a black bear red fox raccoon badger and white tailed deer. Designed for a third grade life science curriculum this resource.

And foxes walk on four. Animal tracks match the photographic animal cards to their foot tracks this work comes in two formats and includes the following animals. Since learning about various animal s footprints was a fun activity before we decided to go further and investigate animal tracks a bit more in depth.

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